People and Planet

At City Pantry, our mission is to make working lives better. And we recognise the responsibility and opportunity we have to impact and influence the dynamic industry of food-delivery. We’re working hard to innovate our technology and platform to support initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint as well as support and aid the local communities we operate in. 

We believe that to make a difference, it’s crucial we continue bringing together impact-driven initiatives as well as long-term vision that supports both the planet and the communities around us.

We’re dedicated to providing joy and connections through great food that we can all enjoy together, sustainably. 

Eat Green

Although you probably know us for being orange, at City Pantry we’re actually all about being green. But, whether it's packing in the veggies with a delicious plant-based meal or sneaking an extra helping of guac on your fajita, we all know that eating green goes beyond the contents of your lunch.

  • Zero-emissions delivery. We’re dedicated to taking measures to optimise our deliveries to reduce our environmental impact. Over 35% of our deliveries are now emission-free using electric vehicles, bikes and walkers, thanks to our zero-emission delivery partners.
  • We're streamlining logistics to reduce our environmental impact. In addition to partnering with zero-emissions delivery companies, we've also reduced the number of required journeys per order to further reduce carbon emissions within our delivery network.
  • Search for eco-friendly packaging using our 'Eco Friendly Packaging' tag. This lets you know if a vendor uses plastic-free, biodegradable, or compostable packaging. Since we introduced the tag, we've seen a steady increase in customer demand for eco-friendly packaging.
  • We've partnered with Greenman Packaging to provide our vendors with exclusive offers on packaging, as well as free eco-audits provided by Oceanic Global. We hope that this partnership will help make eco-friendly options more widely available on the City Pantry website.

Vigilant Vendors

You know them best for their food, but do you know some of the great things our vendors are doing out of the kitchen? 

  • Atis boasts plenty of plant-powered meals and puts a big emphasis on sustainability through their many eco initiatives, like partnering with Karma to prevent food waste and commiting to take part in carbon footprint labelling.
  • Luminary Bakery, famous for their wonderful baked treats, is a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged women, encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances through baking opportunities. 
  • To help NHS workers out during the COVID-19 lockdown, By Chloe, The Lebanese Bakery, The Athenian, Atcha, Cafe Route, Waka, ICCO Pizza, and Kammoon all offered a 50% NHS discount.
  • Leon has partnered with London Wildlife Trust in their new 'Our Wildest Dreams' campaign, which aims to help nature recover from the impact we humans have had, by restoring natural ecosystems for plants and animals in your back garden, your local parks, your town and city centres.

It’s as easy as ordering lunch to do your part – find out more about our vendors here.

Waste Not, Want Not

It's estimated that 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year, yet 8.4 million people across the UK are struggling to afford to eat.

Here at City Pantry, we believe that food should never be wasted and here's some initiatives we are doing to help address these issues. 

  • When orders get cancelled at late-notice, we donate unwanted meals to City Harvest, a charity that then redistributes the food to help the hungry. So far, we’ve donated over 4000 individual meals.
  • At Christmas, we raised £15k for Crisis to help end homelessness. Most offices are closed over Christmas so we reached out to our customers to donate 100% of their total food budget to Crisis instead. Read more about City Pantry and Crisis here.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our #FeedYourCommunity initiative to provide donated meals to key workers and vulnerable communities around London. From March to November 2020, we delivered over 70,000 meals and snacks.

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